We believe in the extraordinary power of community and have seen how it can be a vital force in this industry. Our goal is to inspire, empower and recognize the expression, creativity and ingenuity of all communities in RootMeta.

Built of the Community

The deep connection with our most passionate supporters and creators will be the key to understanding what features, moderation, tools, and support our community needs as we grow from the bottom-up ecosystem together. We are committed to an open and transparent approach that will allow everyone to be directly involved in the important events that will shape the future of the platform.

Built by the Community

RootMeta serves as an infrastructure for Web3 natives, allowing thousands of web3 users to gather in the same space at the same time. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to communicate and play on any device.

Built for the Community

A community doesn't work out without its people - RootMeta will be one of the best places to build and join communities, learn from each other, and explore the metaverse together.

RootMeta Phase 1 will be able to provide these capabilities to every community:

Crowd networking - how to bring thousands of people together into a group.
Instant Messaging - How to get thousands of people talking to each other in real-time.
Access from any device - how to get anyone to access RootMeta from their device.

Users can experience:

  • View everyone and interact with people and see what they are doing.
  • Being able to visualize each person's unique character with their NFTs.
  • Share emotions and cheer and roar with everyone in the Metaverse .